Image of a black and white Tibetan Terrier behind a white background.

Tibetan Terrier

The full scoop on Tibetan Terriers.

Life Expectancy
typically 12+ years
Long length with low shedding

How to pronounce Tibetan Terrier: tuh·beh·tuhn teh·ree·uh 

Tibetan Terriers are small, moderately active dogs originating from Tibet. Their long, shaggy coats shed very little and can be any colour. Despite their name, they don’t belong to the Terrier dog group.

Many behaviours come naturally to all dogs. Whether that’s a desire to dig or a love of lazing, these can be influenced by different factors like genetics or personal experience.  

We’re bringing you the important facts and considerations about Tibetan Terriers. Could you become a Tibetan Terrier parent and give one a forever home? 

Caring for Tibetan Terriers

Every dog is different with their own personality and needs. Here are some areas to think about when taking care of a Tibetan Terrier. 

Health issues

Before you give any Tibetan Terrier a home, it’s important to know about possible health issues. Not every dog suffers from them but it’s good to be prepared.

To find out more about potential health issues for T...

How much food does a Tibetan Terrier need?

There is no set amount for how much food your Tibetan Terrier needs. This will depend on their:

  • age
  • size
  • activity levels
  • fitness
  • weight.

The information on dog fo...

An infographic showing the key indicators of healthy body condition for a dog

How much exercise does a Tibetan Terrier need?

Tibetan Terriers are usually moderately active dogs who need regular exercise and stimulation to keep them physically and mentally healthy.

They need daily walks, plus plenty of time and opportunity to explore, ...

How much grooming does a Tibetan Terrier need?

Tibetan Terriers shed very little. To ease your dog into handling and grooming, introduce it step by step and in a positive way. Your dog feeling relaxed and confident will make grooming more enjoyable for everyone in...

What crate size do you need for a Tibetan Terrier?

In their crate, your dog should be able to comfortably:

  • sit and stand at their full height
  • turn around without touching the edges
  • lie down at full stretch
  • wag their tail.  
  • ...

Tibetan Terrier behaviour and training 

Even if you think you know about Tibetan Terriers, it’s important to remember that every dog has their own personality. 

What's the temperament of a Tibetan Terrier?

Each dog has their own personality and individual experiences of the world. So, each dog has their own temperament.

Two Tibetan Terriers, for example, may have very different ways of reacting to certain situatio...

Are Tibetan Terriers easy to train?

Any dog can be taught new tricks, whatever their breed. It’s all about positive learning. Find out what motivates your dog, whether that’s treats, toys or praise. You can use this as a reward throughout training to ma...

Are Tibetan Terriers good with children?

Every dog has a different personality shaped by their life experiences. They develop likes and dislikes as they grow, and react differently to situations.

However, some ways of respecting and behaving safely aro...

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