From Dog Friendly Clinics and Workplaces to tips for teachers and dog walkers, discover practical advice, courses and resources for professionals across a variety of industries.  

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Together, we can make tomorrow’s world a better place for dogs and people who love them. 

Dog Friendly Vet Clinics

The Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme is a collaborative project between Dogs Trust and the British Veterinary Behaviour Association.

Resources for teachers

Discover our workshops and resources for teachers for pupils of all ages to learn about dogs.

10 top tips for dog walkers

Advice for professional dog walkers to ensure they're following best practice and welfare for dogs in their care.

Dog Friendly Workplaces

Discover how to make your workplace dog-friendly.

Service dogs

The Animal Welfare Scheme ensures the welfare needs of all service dogs and training are met humanely and ethically.

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