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Microchipping - The law has changed

Not only is having your dog microchipped now a legal requirement, it is one of the best ways to increase a lost dog’s chance of getting back home should they go missing. Whilst collar and identity tags are also a legal requirement, and a great way of quickly identifying a dog’s owner, they can fall off or be removed. Should this happen, microchipping offers a permanent back-up in identifying a missing dog and ensuring their safe return.

Microchipping your dog and making sure the registration details are kept up to date has other benefits:

  • It can act as a deterrent to dog theft
  • Allows for a rapid return and helps local authorities educate owners on the dangers of straying and reinforce the responsibilities of the owners
  • Enables veterinary surgeons to contact dog owners for emergency procedures
  • All puppies are traceable to their breeder thereby helping reduce the problem of puppy farming
  • Easier identification can help police in investigating animal cruelty cases