How to keep your dog safe and well in autumn and winter

A dog holding a ball in its mouth in frosty grass

From fireworks to frosty walks, the colder months can bring lots of different experiences. Some of these might worry your dog, especially if they haven’t encountered them before. Our advice will help ensure they are happy and safe – whatever the weather or occasion.

Get ready for colder weather

Wintry weather can be tough on our faithful friends. We have some helpful tips to keep your dog safe and warm when you’re out on a walk, and comfortable when back indoors.

Consider a coat

A winter coat will keep short-haired breeds, puppies and older dogs warm on their walks. Before you get your pup wrapped up, check out our advice on how to introduce your pooch to wearing one.

Try this fun autumn activity

Make the most of autumnal leaves with this enrichment idea for dogs. All you need is a container, some fresh dry leaves and your pooch’s favourite tasty treats.

Take your dog on an autumnal adventure

As the nights draw in and the days get shorter, why not cheer yourself up with a seasonal trip? Read our tips for a brilliant break with your pet.

Help your pooch stay safe at Halloween

Halloween can be fun for the whole family but might be stressful and dangerous for your dog. Help is at hand to ensure your pooch isn’t spooked by unfamiliar sights and sounds.

Prepare your dog for fireworks

Sparklers and rockets might be exciting for us, but they can be scary for pets. We’re on hand to help you and your dog get ready for fireworks.

Build a cosy doggy den

A den can help your dog feel safe and secure. It’s easy to make with things you already have.

Plan for a dog-friendly Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year for many, but the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas can be too much for your dog. Our guide will help your faithful friend enjoy the holidays and stay healthy.

Keep festive foods out of reach

From chocolates to Christmas cake, this time of year features many foods that are toxic for your dog. Holly and mistletoe berries also present a risk. Check our list of foods to keep out of the reach of sniffing snouts – you can also download our handy guide.

Be dog smart this Christmas

Christmas can bring lots of changes, from different routines to overnight guests. These can unsettle dogs. Learn how to Be Dog Smart to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time.

Lots more help and advice

Want to teach your dog to sit and stay? Or maybe you’d like to understand their funny quirks. Our help and advice section is here for you.

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