Our views on key issues

Find out where we stand on some of the most pressing dog welfare issues and how you can help support us.

Charlotte the collie laying down outside in a secure paddock at Kenilworth rehoming centre

Whether we’re lobbying the Government to change laws or teaming up with like-minded organisations to influence and educate policy makers on welfare issues – we won’t stop fighting for a better future for dogs. 

We work across Westminster, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the European Union to ensure the welfare of dogs is always taken into consideration by policy makers. 

Twix a black and brown Crossbreed puppy, outside, in enclosed area, standing on grass.

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Our policy work to improve dog welfare

We chair the Pet Advertising Advisory Group (otherwise known as PAAG). This group was created in 2001 to combat growing concerns regarding the irresponsible advertising of pets for sale, rehoming, and exchange. It com...

Our work to end puppy smuggling

Since 2014, Dogs Trust has been exposing the widespread abuse of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). The scheme, intended for use by people taking their pets on holiday, has long been used as a cover by unscrupulous traders...

Dog breeding and sale

We believe an improved and robust registration and licensing system is required to tackle unscrupulous breeders and sellers.  

We believe that anyone breeding, selling or transferring the ownership of a pup...


Due to our serious concerns around the sale of dogs, we believe that all forms of advertising, including online, should be verifiable.

We are calling for the introduction of registration of dog breeding alongsid...

Breed-specific legislation

There is a vital need to overhaul the existing Dangerous Dogs legislation. One of the biggest failures of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, which applies to England, Wales and Scotland, is the emphasis on breed-specific le...

Greyhound racing

Alongside other charities, we’re calling for a total end to greyhound racing. We have significant welfare concerns for racing greyhounds, at every stage of their lives, and want to see an end to the unnecessary and co...


Easy access to fireworks and poor enforcement of existing legislation is having a detrimental impact on dog welfare. We want to see restrictions around the sale of fireworks, limiting them to licensed, public occasion...

Campaigns and appeals

Help us end the destruction of healthy dogs. 

Our research

Our groundbreaking research informs the future of our work.

Restrictions on dogs in public spaces

We believe that all dogs should have fair access to public spaces. Find out more.

Supporting owners to find Lets with Pets

For more than a decade, we’ve been working to make renting fairer for dog owners.