Restrictions on dogs in public spaces

We believe that all dogs should have fair access to public spaces. Find out more.

Patch the crossbreed out for a lovely autumn walk at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury.

For most dogs, exercising and exploring off the lead is a natural and enjoyable activity. For many owners, it can feel rewarding to give their pets that opportunity on their daily walks.  

However, in some public spaces, dogs don’t have this opportunity because the local authority has introduced restrictions on dogs, otherwise known as Public Space Protection Orders or Dog Control Orders. 

Many local authorities are introducing blanket restrictions, which are ineffective and often ignored by those causing the problem.

Responsible dog owners and the wider community are then left with the burden that these restrictions bring, including:  

  • poorer health and welfare for dogs, if they aren't getting enough off-lead exercise 
  • behavioural problems for dogs if they aren't interacting enough with other dogs 
  • poorer social wellbeing for dog owners if they're meeting fewer other owners 
  • responsible dog owners being given a bad name 
  • a negative impact on local dog-friendly businesses. 

You can have your say on potential orders in your local area  

All you need to do is click the button below to email your local authority.

Top tip: Make sure you personalise the email address you’re sending it to and replace your name. 

Together, we can create and keep happy, clean, dog-friendly environments for all to enjoy. 

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