Keeping your dog entertained while working from home

From games to walks, there’s lots you can do to ensure your faithful friend is content while you’re busy.

Dog and owner on sofa

From playing tug on Teams to the zoomies on Zoom, keeping your dog entertained while you’re working from home is important for you both to work and play harmoniously. 

It’s time for walkies!

Most dogs need to be walked twice a day. Pound the pavements with your pooch to exert some excess energy and make sure they’re getting their steps in. Your pooch should enjoy a well-deserved snooze afterwards!

Get into a routine 

Find out why dogs thrive on routine and how you can make the days you’re working from home as similar as possible to the days you’re not. 

Make time for play 

All work and no play makes Jack a bored pup. Schedule some quality time between meetings to play with your pooch. Why not get creative with some DIY dog toys made from household items?

Brain games for your dog 

Enrichment games have both mental and physical benefits. They also teach a variety of skills, such as problem-solving, confidence, agility and searching. Explore all the fun ways you can factor enrichment into your dog’s day

Teach your dog to settle 

Whether it’s while you’re working from home or at the pub with friends, knowing how to settle calmly on their own is an important life skill for any pup. 

Long-lasting chews 

Dogs love to chew. Providing your dog with a chew that’ll take some time to get through will help them feel comforted and reduce stress. Think bully-sticks, pigs-ears, wood/root chews and raw bones but check with your vet first to find out whether they’re suitable.

Fun feeding 

When it comes to lunchtime meals, how about filling up a Kong or smearing their food on a lick mat? Freezing before feeding will take them that extra bit longer, savouring the taste and encouraging perseverance. You could also serve their food in a puzzle feeder which reduces bloating and works their brain too! 

Treat and scent trails

Hide treats around the house or around the garden and send your pooch off on an adventure! However, if your pooch is on a diet, or isn’t as motivated by food, you can also hide their favourite toys for just as much fun. With some consistency, you and your dog will have mastered teamwork in no time.

Going back to the workplace?

Wondering how to ensure your pooch will cope when you’re working full time? Our advice article will help you navigate the change with your dog’s wellbeing in mind. 

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