Isadora from Merseyside (Liverpool)

There had been a dog shaped hole in the household since my little Patterdale died back in 2014, and after a few years of travelling around a lot, the time came to look for another companion. Izzy more or less inveigled herself into my affections, as I had originally come to look at a completely different dog. She was unhappy in kennels, and spent most of her days behind the staff counter, which is where I was greeted by the sloppiest kiss I have ever had. Isadora..a 12 year old Staffy, is nothing like her namesake ballet dancer. Izzy is a couch potato, very opinionated and totally adorable. The staff said she would likely be stressed out for the first few days with me, but within hours she was snoring happily in her new bed, chewing on her antler, and generally ruling the roost. She burbles to herself ALL the time, rather like a walking ball of indigestion, or enormous budgie, but these are just her happy noises. She is SO well behaved, so long as you aren’t another dog, cat, or pigeon, but we have bought her a bright orange harness saying “no dogs”, and the cats and pigeons can generally fend for themselves. Her favourite occupation, apart from sleeping, is standing on the windowsill of my first floor living room, getting nose marks over the glass, and watching the world go by. Every evening we sit together on the sofa, she snores, and I watch TV. Izzy has only been with me for five weeks, but she has fitted in so perfectly that it seems she has always been here. Adopt an older dog, they have so much to offer! Julie