Violet the Chihuahua lying in a fleece blanket

Will you be part of our next life-saving rescue mission?

Without our dog ambulances, thousands of dogs like Violet face the end of the road. 

Little Chihuahua, Violet, was all alone in the pound – frightened, confused and in need of treatment, just days away from being put to sleep. That’s often the heart-breaking outcome for dogs who are taken into local pounds across the UK. With limited space, and no owner coming to collect them, the pounds have no choice but to make this devastating decision.

Your gift today could help rescue dogs who are facing the end of the road. 

Violet’s journey could’ve ended in that pound. Thankfully, our dog ambulance service was there to rescue her before it was too late. As an older girl of 15 years, we had to make sure she was comfortable before setting off on her journey to safety. Sometimes, the dogs are so scared that it’s clear they’ve been through traumatic experiences before arriving at the pound. As soon as a vulnerable dog puts their first paw inside one of our purpose-built ambulances, they’re safe from harm, and one step closer to a happy future. 

Violet the Chihuahua is cosy

Our dog ambulance service is critical, because our drivers rescue dogs in their time of need. We’re all one team, working together to give vulnerable dogs the best chance in life. And you could be a big part of our team too. 

Dogs Trust ambulance parked outside rehoming centre

We believe every dog, just like Violet, deserves a chance at life. If you do too, please give a gift today to help us complete more life-saving missions. 

Thank you. 

Donations will go towards all areas of Dogs Trust's work and help care for dogs where the need is greatest.