Underdog Reg finally lands his forever home!

Patient Reg has finally landed his paws in his forever home!

Reg the Underdog sits on the sofa in his new forever home
13th March 2024

Back in the summer of 2022, Reg was found as a stray in the Teesside area and taken to the Darlington rehoming centre. He was only around one year old and suffering with a painful skin condition and was very skinny. The team settled him in, treated his skin and he took to kennel life well as he built up his strength. Once he was recovered, he was made available for rehoming. 

He was soon rehomed but returned to the centre due to his behaviour. Unfortunately, he became very worried by other dogs and struggled to be around them safely. The training team immediately began doing muzzle training with him, which he took to very quickly. Before we knew it Reg was happily wearing his muzzle and once again able to enjoy his walkies in quiet areas away from other dogs. 

Reg was a real favourite with all his handlers due to his fun and playful nature and the fact he loved a good cuddle too, but sadly he was continually overlooked by potential adopters and eight months after arriving, he was transferred to the Leeds rehoming centre to reach a fresh audience of potential adopters. 

Following another failed adoption, he continued to wait for the perfect match while our team continued to work on his behaviour. He came along in leaps and bounds. His confidence grew and he learned better ways of reacting to certain situations. He was better at settling and we also worked on his dog reactivity which was so successful that in time he was even able to walk with another dog!  Even with all his progress, we knew he needed a very specific home with adopters who understood his needs and were prepared to stick to his training plan.

Then along came Angela!

She had previous experience of dogs with Reg’s specific needs and after their initial meet she knew he was the dog for her.

She continued to come and visit Reg every week to build a solid relationship with him and learn all the useful training techniques we’d been using. After a while we could see how comfortable Reg was so we started taking him for home visits, to make sure he was familiar with his new house. Everything went like clockwork and after 15 months in our care, Reg was ready to fly the nest for good!

Reg the Crossbreed with his adopters

Now Reginald George Esq. (as he is known to his forever family!) gets to spend his days enjoying long walks, loads of playtime and the most wonderful sofa snuggles! 

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