How to adopt a dog

Are you thinking about adopting one of our dogs? That’s great! Start your journey today.

Steps to rehoming a rescue dog

1. Browse available dogs
How to adopt step 1 Take a look at the dogs available for adoption at your nearest centre.

2. Found one you like?

How to adopt step 2  

If you’ve found a dog who looks like a good match for you, click the ‘rehoming me starts here’ button on their profile and fill in an application form.

3. We'll review your application

Our team will read your application and see if your lifestyle matches the needs of the dog.

4. We'll arrange an appointment 

How to adopt step 3 If you and the dog seem well suited, we may arrange a virtual home check or an appointment for you to come and meet them at the centre.

5. The perfect match

How to adopt step 4 If we mutually decide you’re a perfect match, we’ll arrange an appointment for you to take them to their forever home.

6. Keep in touch

How to adopt step 5

We’ll keep in touch to see how you and the dog are doing. If you need any advice or support, we’re just a phone call away.

Search our dogs for adoption

Need some help to find the right match?

If you’re sure about adopting but haven’t found the right dog for you, make an appointment for a dedicated chat with one of our adoption advisors.

You’ll get a 30-minute session with an experienced member of our team, either over the phone or in person at your local rehoming centre. We’ll ask about your lifestyle and the home you can offer, discuss any suitable dogs in our care, and give you advice on finding your perfect match.

Find your local centre and book an appointment.

Come and see us 

Our rehoming centres are open for general browsing on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday from 12 – 4pm. On these days you’ll be able to walk around and see some of the dogs in our care. If you’re interested in a dog, we’ll be able to tell you more about them and help you apply via our online form.

More information about our adoption process

How to adopt dogs like Sid

We’re receiving more adoption applications than ever before, so please don’t be disheartened if we don’t get back to you straight away. You should receive a response from us within six days of submitting your application. If you haven’t heard back from us within six days, we’re sorry to say that your application hasn’t been successful at this time.

Our rehoming policy

Our full rehoming policy outlines what we promise to you, and what we ask of all potential adopters. You can read it here.

How much it costs to adopt a dog

Our fee for adopting an adult dog is £205 in England, Wales and Scotland, and £192.50 in Northern Ireland (due to extra dog licence fees you'll need to pay). Every dog we rehome is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (or we’ll give you a neutering voucher if they haven't yet been neutered). We'll also give you a new Dogs Trust lead and collar, starter pack of food, and 4 weeks’ free insurance from our partner Petplan. 

Our fee for adopting a puppy is £260, this includes the £205 rehoming fee and a £55 Dog School fee. Training is an essential part of being a responsible dog owner, so we only rehome dogs under six months to adopters who are willing to attend a four week Dog School course. Our Dog School classes help puppies learn key life skills and teach owners the basic training techniques they need to create a strong bond with their new family member.

Rehoming to families with children

All the dogs in our care are thoroughly assessed by our behaviour experts to determine their ideal home. Some will be able to live with children, and some won’t. It will say on a dog’s profile if they’d be comfortable in a home with children.  

Rehoming to families with other dogs

All the dogs in our care are thoroughly assessed by our behaviour experts to determine their ideal home. Some will be able to live with another dog, and some won’t. It will say on a dog’s profile if they’d be comfortable in a home with other pets. 

If we match you with a dog, we’ll ask you to bring your other dog to the rehoming centre for them to meet, so we can be sure that they will be happy to live together.

Reasons you could be turned down

We pride ourselves on our thorough behaviour and veterinary assessments that help us match each dog to the right person. We rehome to all different types of homes, from houses to narrow boats. It just depends on the needs of the individual dog. 

We will be honest if we don't feel you are the right match for a particular dog. Please don't take this personally. We know how disappointing it can be to hear a dog won't be coming home with you. Our experts will have made the decision knowing the dog’s needs and what’s best for them. 

Factors like working hours, regular holidays, or other commitments could mean your lifestyle isn’t the best fit for the dog. We would be doing a disservice to ourselves, the dog and to you if we rehomed a dog somewhere that we didn't see as their forever home. But this doesn’t mean we won’t have another dog in the future that could suit your family.

What we can tell you about a dog’s history

We'll be completely honest and tell you everything we know about a dog you’re interested in.  

If a dog is handed over to us, we get as much information as we can from previous owners. Some dogs come to us because they are stray, abandoned or rescued, and it can be difficult to know their history. Our expert teams give each dog a full assessment so we can piece together as much of that dog's story as we can.  

Why we can’t move dogs between centres

Moving a dog between centres can be a stressful for them, so we avoid it unless it’s in their best interest.  

It is possible to adopt a dog from a centre that’s not close to where you live, depending on the needs of the dog.

After adoption

Dog Training - dog school

We commit to support you for your dog’s whole life

You can contact us at any time for support and advice, whether it’s been days, weeks, months or years since you took your dog home. For any concerns, big or small, you can contact our dedicated post-adoption support team on 0300 303 3738. This team of behaviour experts are on hand all day as well as evenings, weekends and bank holidays, so we’ll arrange a time to call you back that suits you. We’ll be able to talk through any behaviour or training questions you have and tailor a plan to help you and your dog. 

Our post-adoption support team will also check in on you two days after you take a dog home. We’ll ask how your new family member is settling in, and whether you have any concerns about their health or behaviour that we can help with. We’ll also ask for your feedback about the rehoming process. We’ll offer you a call at two weeks post-adoption, and then another four months later to see how you are doing.

What to do if you’re concerned about your dog’s behaviour or health

For specific training or behaviour advice you can get in touch our post adoption support team at any time on 0300 303 3738. 

Our website has loads of useful advice on training your dog and keeping them healthy and happy, including information about Dog School training classes.

We can’t give accurate veterinary advice over the phone, so if you’re concerned about your dog’s health, it’s best to contact your veterinary practice.