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Are you right for Freckles?

Freckles is a 1 year old Terrier. She came into us from a stray kennels so we have a very limited history on her. Freckles is a worried little lady so will need to be managed around new people. She likes to come around in her own time and approach people at her own speed. Due to this, she will need her adopters to be local to the centre and able to come to the centre multiple times to build a bond with her. New situations can be a little scary so she's looking for a nice quiet home without too much hustle and bustle. She needs an adult only home where she is the only pet. She is growing in confidence around dogs and can live with a with well mannered dog. She will need reminding of her toilet training and to have the time she is left alone built up gradually.

Is Freckles right for you?

Freckles is a sweet girl who likes a fuss once she gets to know you. She loves her squeaky balls, and is really food driven and keen to learn new things. She is really improving while with us and slowly gaining in confidence. She will be a great addition to a home and has lots of love to give.

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