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About Bentley

2 to 5 Years


Bentley has come a long way since being with us at the centre! However we are still looking for the perfect, specific home for this little guy. He definitely has plently of typical Yorkie traits, but we have discovered a more adventurous side to Bentley that we would love to see explored in his new home. Before he came to us, he wasn't used to going for walks, but now he loves going out and about with another doggy pal and even likes popping into the water for a swim!

Type of home needed

Bentley does tend to attach himself to one person, so a quiet single person household (or a couple who are able to share responsibilities) would be ideal. Little Bentley exhibits a lot of insecurities around being handled and especially around having a lead clipped on him or any handling around his head. Due to this insecurity, he uses distance increasing aggression to stop you from handling him or putting a lead on him and will give little warning before doing so. After a long period of desensitisation and relationship building, certain handlers are now able to do this. As a result of Bentley's behaviour concerns, any potential adopter must be willing to work very closely with his trainers in order to build a strong relationship with him and begin to learn his subtle signs of when he is uncomfortable, in order to successfully apply his training and manage his behaviour in a home setting. This would ideally mean a home that is very close to the centre and adopters who are willing to come and meet Bentley multiple times. He is also quite noise sensitive and so any busy households or houses in a busy area will not be considered.

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