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About Zebedee

5 to 7 Years


Zebedee is a 5 year old spaniel who is looking for an experienced home. He loves to sit in his kennel and casually watch the world go by, but is also keen to get out when it's his turn for walkies. He does find unfamiliar objects a little worrying, so should be allowed to explore at his own pace, and praised when he does so. Zeb does like to play with balls, but it's only recently that he has felt confident enough to do this. He does love his treats though, and will work for them quite happily, which helps with his training. This smart lad knows a few commands, inculding sit, down and he has a great recall, but he does turn off from training quickly if he feels uncomfortable or afraid.

Type of home needed

Zebedee will need an adult only home, with no children or other pets.He has been put in a few situations that he found very overwhelming and it has simply been too much for him to handle appropriately. When it comes to other dogs Zeb, is relatively comfortable around calm dogs. He has been approached by other dogs in the park and will interact with some, but he isn't a fan of any kind of boisterous interaction. He will need to be visisted quite a few times at the centre before going home, so that he can build a bond with you. That trust will be essential when it comes to introducing Zebedee to new surroundings, situations and people. His adopters must be willing to work closely with our Behaviour team, throughout his adoption and help is always available beyond that. He will also need a private garden, and no kind of shared space. Zebedee can be worried by some handling so new owners will need to go slow with a hands off approach for Zebedee. Zebedee will need to be only pet in home with none or very limited visitors.

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We are looking for dog owners who may be experienced with the breed or have had dogs with handling, grooming or fear related behaviour problems for Zebedee.


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Thank you for your interest in Zebedee, who is based at Merseyside (Liverpool). Please note this is not a reservation on this dog. If you think you could be a good match give us a call on the number below

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