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About Stanley

2 to 5 Years


Stanley is an intelligent, interactive, and frankly stunningly beautiful chap. He is a big lad with a solid build, and he can be strong on lead at times - especially if there is a critter or two to chase! Stanley has been with us for some time and he has previously been rehomed and returned to us due to his behaviour. Because of this, he is looking for an owner with dog experience, time on their hands, an interest in training and behaviour, and who has a Stanley-sized-space on their sofa! He is worried by new faces so introductions need to be gradual and walking areas carefully chosen. His new owners would need to commit to doing multiple meets to get to know Stanley before he could go home.

Type of home needed

Stanley is one of our more complex residents so owners will be taking on a project, however there are lots of wonderful things about him too - Stanley loves to use his brain and so is very eager to learn new things. He LOVES food and so he'll happily show off all his tricks to impress if there is a tasty treat on offer! We think he knows more tricks than most of the dogs in the centre, but don't tell them that! Stanley will lunge and bark at unfamiliar dogs if they're too close and so will need to be walked in quieter areas where he can relax and use his pointer nose. If you're wanting to walk in your local park or beauty hot spots on a busy day then Stanley is not for you, but if you enjoy driving to quieter areas to share quality time with your walking buddy, then Stanley could be perfect. Stanley is looking for an adult only home and to be the only pet. Due to being with us for so long, he would benfit from company for most of the day initially while he finds his feet. Stanley will need a secure, private garden.

More about me

Stanley has had periods of intermittent lameness and is on pain relief for this. Any new owners must consider additional veterinary fees. Due to Stanley needing many meets at the centre and home visits before he can go home, we're looking for homes within one hour of the Leeds rehoming centre.


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We may arrange a virtual home check to find out more about you, your lifestyle, and the home you can offer. We may also make an appointment for you to come and meet a dog at the centre.

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