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About Biggles

Poodle: Toy
5 to 7 Years


Biggles is a handsome chap and will catch many potential owners eye, however he has one or two little quirkes that need to be addressed. He is a worried fellow and needs very dedicated owners that are willing to work with our behaviour team to make sure Biggles has the best chance of success in his new home. He will need multiple visits for several weeks so his new owners will need to be local. Biggles will need a quiet adult only home without many visitors where he can take centre stage and form a good bond with his owners.

Type of home needed

Biggles has doggy friends and is happy to meet them out and about but would prefer to be the only pet in the home. He will need owners who are not going to leave him alone until he is good and ready as he is very insecure. Biggles has plenty of good points too. He is an affectionate and playful boy who loves toys and games and is very interactive with his handlers who all love him to bits !!

More about me

Biggles is not on view at the centre so potential owners will need to register their interest and chat with our team to discuss suitability before meeting him.

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How rehoming works

Thank you for your interest in Biggles, who is based at Leeds. Please note this is not a reservation on this dog. To start the rehoming process you will need to go to a rehoming centre for a quick chat. Please find information below about what to expect during the rehoming process. We hope to see you soon.

  1. The average time between visiting a Rehoming Centre and taking your new pet home is just eight days. Every circumstance is different but this brief guide lets you know what you will experience when you decide to rehome a dog from us.
  2. The rehoming centre is your gateway to finding your new pet pooch. When you arrive at the centre you will be greeted in reception by a friendly face.
  3. During this first visit we will take a few details from you so we know what you are looking for. You will be able to visit the dogs and we'll advise you on how to find the right dog for your circumstance and that your circumstances will work for the dog too.
  4. We would like you to get to know your chosen dog before you take him home so, if you have any other dogs or family members, you may need to bring them along for a further visit to ensure the whole family is happy with the decision.
  5. The fee for rehoming a dog is £150 (£140 in Ballymena due to extra dog licence fees),for puppies its £150 adoption fee plus a £45 Dog School fee but every dog is vet checked, microchipped, and neutered as well as a very cool Dogs Trust lead and collar - so we think it's a good deal!
  6. On rehoming your new dog from Dogs Trust you can receive 4 weeks' free insurance from our partner Petplan, this covers your dog for any unexpected illnesses and injuries, for further details and to activate your 4 weeks' free trial visit the Petplan website.
  7. So now you are ready to take your new pal home, just one more step which is a pre-adoption talk. This ensures you are aware of the responsibilities of dog ownership and reminds you that we are always here when you need us!
  8. Get in touch with the centre your dog is located at to arrange a visit.
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