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About Freddie

2 to 5 Years


Freddie is a handsome two-year-old Collie. He is a sensitive boy with heaps of energy. He loves to play ball and go for long walks. An active home is a must! He would love to do further training such as agility and he would be good at canicross. Freddie enjoys socialising with other dogs, some he loves and will kiss their faces, others he just walks alongside. He prefers dogs that are not too big or too rough, he can be worried by large dogs. Freddie is friendly with most people, he can be conflicted when meeting strangers, excited, but worried. With people he knows and trusts he will come over on his own terms for a fuss and when he does, he is quite the affectionate boy. Freddie will need his adopters to be experienced in understanding body-language, he communicates well, to those who know how to read him. When playing ball, Freddie will let you know when he is happy for you to throw it. He enjoys playing fetch but will often gather up his balls and guard them, this is when he requires space until he is ready for you to interact again. Freddie is a bright spark who loves training. He knows a 'sit', 'down' and a 'wait'. He loves treats and training using positive methods is an absolute must, he reacts badly to 'being told off' due to past experiences. He will need a very patient, positive home.

Type of home needed

Freddie is looking for a home with adult-only adopters who are kind, patient and understanding. He would be best suited to a home with lots of land as he needs an off-lead lifestyle. Experience with understanding body language is important and Collie experience would be very helpful. Freddie takes his time to fully trust people and he will need adopters who will train him using positive methods. Freddie would not be suitable for trips to the pub or cafes. He could possibly share his home with a small to medium sized dog who is confident and playful and not interested in toys. He is looking for a home without cats. We have no history of him with small furries and he is okay on his lead around livestock. Freddie is happy to travel in the car, in the boot behind a dog guard only. He will need a quiet home with minimal people coming and going. Any time left alone will need to be built up gradually. Potential adopters should be prepared to come to the rehoming centre a few times to build up a bond with Freddie.

More about me

Freddie will be removed from the website when we have received 30 applications. If a suitable home isn't found, we will repost Freddie's profile on the website.


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