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About Zeke

5 to 7 Years


Zeke is a lovely five-year-old Lab cross. He is affectionate and gives the best snuggles! He enjoys spending time with his favourite people. He likes to sit next to you and lean against you for a fuss. He would happily spend hours sat with his favourite Carer having a fuss on the bench watching the world go by. The best way to build a bond with Zeke is through toy play or training. Zeke loves his toys. Zeke knows a number of cues and tricks from the basics of 'sit', 'down' and 'paw' to 'up, up' and 'close'. Zeke is a joy to train as he is super foody, which makes teaching him new things fun and easy. Zeke loves long quiet walks. Although after gradual introductions Zeke can make friends with some dogs, he still needs access to quiet walks with limited exposure to other dogs and away from the hustle and bustle. Zeke has been trained to wear a muzzle when out on his walks. He is super-comfortable wearing his muzzle, as the positive, reward-based approach we have taken with this training means he sees this as no different from having his harness and lead put on. Zeke likes to chill out with a long-lasting chew, which is beneficial, however, he will sometimes guard chews, even from his favourite people. A plan has been put in place to manage resource guarding within the home and guidance will be given to Zeke's chosen adopters. Zeke has oodles of potential in the right set-up with well-matched adopters.

Type of home needed

Zeke will need loving, patient and understanding adult adopters. He is looking for a quiet home environment in a quiet location. Zeke will need access to quiet walks by foot, as he is worried by car travel. We are working on this at present, but it is very slow progress. Zeke is looking to be the only pet in the home but would benefit from having calm doggy walking friends when out and about as he does form good friendships with other dogs when he sees them regularly. Zeke is looking for experienced adopters. Potential adopters will be required to come and visit Zeke a few times before adoption. Zeke would like his own fully enclosed garden so he can burn off some steam from time to time. Leaving him alone at home should be built up gradually whilst he settles into his new environment.

More about me

Adopters should live within two hours of the centre so that we can continue to provide support to you and Zeke as he settles in his new home. Zeke will be removed from the website when we he has identified a potential match. If a suitable home isn't found, we will repost Zeke's profile on the website.


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