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About Hector

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Hector is a very handsome, 7-year-old Foxhound x. Hector absolutely loves his walks and exploring all new sights and smells. He will happily share his walks in the company of other calm, onlead dogs whom he can walk nicely next to. After a walk, Hector prefers to come back and settle with his favourite handlers and once he knows you, he thoroughly enjoys a gentle fuss and cuddle. Hector enjoys his training but can get easily distracted so we advise that any training session with Hector are kept short and engaging. Hector loves his food and will need to have his own area, such as a utility room where he can eat his meals in peace. Being a typical hound, he will sniff out any crumbs (no matter how small) and so we feel food should never left out on any work surface and Hector is restricted to his room only when it comes to food.

Type of home needed

While Hector loves being outside and discovering new adventures; a much calmer, tranquil home environment is what will allow him to thrive. Anything to noisy and animated can cause him distress and to become over aroused, thus the inability to cope within that environment. Hector would love nothing more than to find owners who are calm, patient, and willing to give him the time and guidance he so desperately needs. Being on his own is one thing Hector can struggle with, thus we ask that his new owners be around majority of the time to help establish a good routine. Once settled, owners can slowly begin teaching Hector about being on his own once he feels secure within his environment. Ideally, Hector needs a house setup which consists of a more traditional, closed floor plan as this will help with his transition and training within the home. Hector will need to be the only dog but has shown to cope well with small, caged mammals. Hound experience would be beneficial as Hector loves to use his nose and would certainly thrive on challenging this skill.

More about me

Hector is looking for a quiet home environment with very few visitors initially. Once settled and a good routine has been well established, Hector would enjoy nothing more than to welcome visitors into his new home. Being a hound with high energy levels, Hector would really appreciate his own, fully secure garden where he can have some much needed off lead time to run about and simply enjoy himself. Owners must be aware of the financial aspect that Hector his currently on behaviour medication to help while in kennels and then when transitioning into the home.


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