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About Nacho

2 to 5 Years


Cheeky chappie Nacho is a approximately 2 year old Romanian crossbreed looking for a calm and patient home to take him on and give him time to settle into a loving home. Nacho will take some time to get to know you and trust you, but once he does, he shows his loving, mischievous side and enjoys sitting beside you for a fuss and some ear scratches and will put his paws on your shoulders for a big bear hug! Nacho is super foody and will do anything for a tasty treat - he is really responsive to training and enjoys working for his food in a kong or puzzle feeder. He also loves his toys and can often be caught throwing his toys around in the air, especially soft ones and enjoys a game of tuggy with his human pals and can be quite vocal. Nacho loves it when his best friends sit with him in his kennel and loves to bring you his toys and sit beside you for attention, although sometimes he goes into puppy mode and can jump all over you barking and nipping in play! Nacho enjoys going out on adventures in quieter areas and is quite an active boy who loves to explore but can be overwhelmed in busier areas and has been reactive to strangers, cyclists and traffic. He also loves jumping the car now so can travel to his walks or go on walks further afield! Nacho can find it difficult being around other dogs and can be reactive. He has managed to walk past dogs and people on the other side of the road whilst watching his handler which is great progress for him and even has a few doggy friends he goes on walks with and likes to sniff.

Type of home needed

Nacho is looking for a home situated in a quiet area with access to quiet walks and a private, secure garden (6ft). It is essential that Nacho can be walked away from busy roads and in low dog areas as he can be reactive, but he could travel in the car for his walks. The home should be set back from any roads and paths and Nacho should not have access to the front door. He will need an adult only home with minimal visitors and no visiting children as he is worried and reactive towards new people. He will need to be the only pet in the home. Once settled, we feel that Nacho could be left for 4-6 hours.

More about me

Nacho will be going home on a lead disclaimer so should be kept on lead in public.


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