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Snuffles (Belgian Shepherd Dog: Malinois (BSD))

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Belgian Shepherd Dog: Malinois (BSD)
1 to 2 Years

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Snuffles loves to play and have lots of fun.

Type of home needed

Snuffles is an extremely intelligent young man and eager to please. He has had a pretty rough start to his life and and sadly been overlooked. We have found him to be a little insecure from time to time but considering the life he has had it's understandable he feels that way. He doesn't mind the company of other dogs but has been known to be a little bossy from time to time. He certainly could live with the right dog. Snuffles is looking for calm, patient and dedicated owners who are prepared to do whatever it takes to help him adjust.

More about me

Snuffles is also looking for an adult only home.

Important stuff about me...

  • Needs some training

    I need all my basic training… but I am a quick learner!

  • Loves treats/will work for food

    Offer me a tasty treat and you’ll have a friend for life…!

  • Especially likes cuddles

    I am a big softy - I love lots of fuss and enjoy my cuddles.

  • Live wire

    I am always on the go, into everything and very active.