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Puppies coming home!

Dogs Trust is showing their support for the England team ahead of the World Cup semi- final by naming by their own adorable squad of eighteen crossbreed puppies after the team’s star players. The playful pups, from unwanted litters, came into Dogs Trust Shrewsbury last week and will be in their new homes by the time the World Cup (hopefully) returns.

Leading England’s loveable line-up are: Harry Canine, Jordan Pupford, Dele Allisation, Jamie dig up the Yardy, Barkus Rashford, Hairy Maguire, Eric Deerhound, Kieran Terrier, Jordan Hounderson, Phil Bones, Jessie Linguard-dog, Danny Wellbark, Ruben Wooftus Cheek, Jack Russel Butland, Ashley (slobbery) Tongue, Great Danei Rose, Nick Pup and – last by no means least - Grr-eth Southgate.

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