Peek inside the sweetest old dogs' home in the world

Oakfield Old Dogs’ Home is a very special place at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury. It houses some of our older residents who are waiting for their forever homes.

Pip the chocolate Labrador and Canine Carer Elizabeth posing in the doorway of Oakfield Oldies

Kennels can be a stressful environment for some older dogs, especially those used to the comforts of their own home. Oakfield gives the older dogs in our care a more cosy, relaxed space than kennels until they find their happy retirement homes.

The best job in the world

Elizabeth, Oakfield’s main Canine Carer, has so much enthusiasm for her job. She told us about how older dogs have endless love to give, and what a rewarding job it is caring for Shrewsbury’s older residents. 

Older dogs are so rewarding. It’s the best job ever. I love it so much. I just love all the doggies and caring for them each day, making sure their time here is as happy as it can be until they find their forever homes.

Elizabeth, Canine Carer

Could an older dog be the perfect addition to your life?

If you're looking to teach an older dog new tricks or want a couch companion for your next Netflix marathon, then we might have the perfect oldie for you.

Why an older dog might be better for you

There can be plenty of benefits to giving an older dog a loving forever home.

  • They have often lived in a home before
  • They may have been house trained
  • They may know some fun tricks already
  • They are generally calmer.

We couldn't do it without our fantastic volunteers

Moira has been volunteering at Oakfield for five years. She says the love shown by Oakfield’s oldies is something she looks forward to every week. 

Moira says it’s always a highlight seeing one of her senior pals start their new life with their wonderful new owner.

It's so nice to see them be happy again.

Moira, Volunteer Canine Assistant

Can you sponsor an older dog?

We wouldn't be able to provide specialist care for every dog that comes through our doors without your support.

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