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Kei and Tegan are looking for their special someone this Valentine's Day

Staff at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury are on the lookout for a special family that will open their hearts and their home to a mum and son who have never spent a day apart.

As we approach the most romantic day of the year the team are hoping that after six months of waiting, love will finally be in the air for mum Tegan and son, Kei, but they fear they are being overlooked because although they are related, they are very different when it comes to what they want out of life.

Louise Campbell, Manager at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, says:

“Tegan and Kei’s love for each other is unshakeable but as Valentine’s Day approaches they are looking for their perfect partner of the human kind!

“We think they haven’t found their special someone yet as they have very different energy levels so it might be difficult for people to imagine them fitting into daily life. Their ideal fresh start will be with a family of dog lovers where one person loves to trek up hill and down dale, and another family member who prefers a nice, sedate walk in the park and an afternoon snooze! That would be Tegan and Kei’s perfect home as Kei is a bundle of energy and mum Tegan likes to take life at a much slower pace!” 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Kei is four and loves to run and play fetch with his favourite ball, whereas Collie Cross, Tegan, who is seven, has a very calm, laid back nature and has a liver condition too so she likes to take things much more sedately.

Louise says:

“Kei is fantastic fun and loves to keep his brain busy so he has been going along to Dog School and loves to learn new things and show off his skills. Tegan is happy to sit on the side lines and keep an eye on her lively son!

“Although they have different needs when it comes to exercise, they love to snuggle up together at night in the same bed. They adore each other and are both looking for a loving family to call their own.

“They would be a great addition to any family and can live with children over the age of eight. We really do hope that someone falls for them this Valentine’s Day.”

If you think you could be Tegan and Kei’s special someone, please call 0300 303 0292. Tegan has a liver condition and is taking supplements to help support her liver function. Dogs Trust will cover the cost of this for her lifetime through their Shared Adoption Scheme.