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Dogs Trust urge public to consider rehoming an elderly homeless hound

Staff at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury are reaching out to local dog lovers in the hope they will consider adopting a ‘doggy OAP’ as they hit a record high number of dogs aged eight and over in their care.

Dogs Trust consider any dog aged eight and over as elderly, and there are currently 35 dogs at the Roden based animal shelter who fit this bill. As the rehoming centre reach out to the dog loving public, they hope to challenge the elderly dog stereotype that put off many potential owners from adopting such a dog.

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury Supporter Relations Officer, Lee Pogson explains:

“We cater for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages at Dogs Trust. Recently we have noticed a spike in the average age of the dogs here at Shrewsbury, we aren’t sure what’s sparking the trend but we will care for each and every one of them until they find a forever home.”

“Many people believe older dogs have their best years behind them but this couldn’t be further from the truth. No dog is too old to learn new tricks and most mature dogs are already housetrained so they are very clean and tidy in a home. Older dogs are often calmer too, and more independent so can be left to occupy themselves for longer periods. There are countless reasons an older dog can make a wonderful companion, so please don’t rule them out.”

Current doggy OAPs currently awaiting forever homes at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury

Bailey, Boxer, 13 years old
Bailey is a wonderful dog and a favourite with all the staff. She currently lives at Oakfield, Shrewsbury’s old dog’s home. She loves her food and plenty of cuddles. She’s a sociable lady with lots of character. She can live with children aged 10 and over. Bailey will make a wonderful addition to a loving family home.

Oliver, St Bernard, 11 years old
Oliver is a big dog with an even bigger heart. This lovely boy is looking for a cosy home with owners who will shower him with lots of attention as he loves human company. Oliver would like his owners to be around for the majority of the time. He can live with young children and potentially another pet in his new home.

Smithy, Crossbreed, eight years old
Smithy is a happy-go-lucky, handsome chap who doesn’t reflect his eight years. He has a very friendly personality and loves lots of fuss and attention from his canine carers. Smithy is looking for a home where he will be the only pet so he can lap up all the attention himself. He can live with children aged 10 and over.

Toodle Pip, Terrier cross, 10 years old
Toodle Pip is a typical Terrier with a great personality and the looks to match. He’s self-sufficient and will happily amuse himself all day long. He enjoys the company of other dogs and loves playing when he is out on walks. He is looking for an experienced home with adult owners who will give him the peace and quiet he needs in his old age. Toodle Pip will make a loyal companion to the right owner.

If you’re interested in rehoming any of Shrewsbury’s wonderful OAP’s contact Dogs Trust Shrewsbury on 0300 303 0292.