Rescue dog finds love during lockdown

A rescue dog from Dogs Trust Shrewsbury has found love during lockdown thanks to a family who were on the lookout for a second dog in need of a new home.

In April, Kirsty Powell and Gary Lloyd from Gobowen adopted three-month old Australian Shepherd puppy, Lexi, who along with four other litter mates was born at the rehoming centre in January. Last August they had welcomed Collie Cross, Zeus, into their home from Dogs Trust Shrewsbury and they decided it was the right time to adopt a canine companion for him.

Kirsty says:

"Zeus was 13-months-old when we brought him home and he has settled in brilliantly so we didn’t hesitate to go back to Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, then lockdown happened. Just before lockdown we had been interested in another dog, but the timings didn’t work out and once lockdown happened, we unfortunately couldn’t go ahead with rehoming him. We stayed in touch with the team and they mentioned that there was a puppy that might be suitable.

"We couldn’t go to the rehoming centre but we had already completed a homefinding questionnaire and of course we had adopted Zeus so they knew what kind of dog would suit us. We had a lengthy chat over the phone and they were confident that we were in a position to give a puppy the time and attention they need, including after lockdown has ended. We were so excited when they said the adoption could go ahead!"

A few days later, a member of the Dogs Trust Shrewsbury team took Lexi to the family and within minutes it was obvious Zeus and Lexi were going to be the best of friends.

Louise Campbell, Dogs Trust Shrewbsury Rehoming Centre Manager, said:

"In normal circumstances of course, the family come to us, but at the time of Lexi’s adoption we were taking dogs to families, as we still are, so it was quite unusual for us all, but it went really well.

"We introduced Lexi to the family, and to Zeus, in the garden whilst maintaining social distancing and it was immediately obvious that they were going to get along. Once Kirsty came out to say everything was going perfectly in the house, we said a fond farewell to Lexi and Zeus. It is wonderful that two dogs from Dogs Trust Shrewsbury have found such a fantastic home."

Kirsty adds:

"Lexi and Zeus are inseparable, they play together all the time. Within two hours of being in the house once they’d exhausted each other they were both lying together having a rest under the table.

"We are so glad we’ve been able to give Lexi a forever home. She is fantastic and they both make us laugh every day. We can’t imagine life without her."

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury is closed to walk-in members of the public. It is operating a ‘handover at home’ service and it is also now offering an appointments-based system for dogs that need to meet their new owners more often to build a bond before heading home. Potential new owners will be able to meet the dog they are interested in rehoming at the centre in an outside play area, or in a spacious area that is separate from the main rehoming centre, whilst keeping two metres distance. Dogs Trust’s rehoming centres are still closed to walk in members of the public.

If you would like to find out more about all the dogs waiting for their forever homes at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, or would like to make a donation to support the work of the rehoming centre, please go to