Oldies but goodies - old age pooches seek loving new home for the second time

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury are hoping National Grandparents Day on Sunday (4th October) will prove every dog really does have its day.

They are searching for a home for a pair of very special Old Age Pooches (OAPs), 12-year-old Budley and 15-year-old Molly, both Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crosses, who are looking for a retirement home where they can rest their paws together.

Budley originally arrived at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury having been found wandering the streets alone back in 2011. He soon captured the hearts of a family and the team waved a fond farewell to him, but sadly due to a change in his owner’s circumstances he found himself back at the rehoming centre seven years later, along with Molly who he had been sharing his home with. They both soon headed off again but due to a change in their new owner’s circumstances, they have now both found themselves in need of another loving family who they can spend their twilight years with.

Louise Campbell, Dogs Trust Shrewsbury Manager, says:

"It is incredible that through no fault of his own Budley has found himself homeless three times. He and Molly really deserve a bit of luck this Grandparent’s Day.

"They are absolutely lovely and are the best of friends so we really want to find them a home together.

"Budley is a very calm boy who loves a cuddle but he loves to play too and will happily throw a tennis ball in the air and chase it to amuse himself, unless there’s someone around to throw it for him as he really enjoys a game of fetch. Molly loves tug games, and also playing with Budley!"

Budley and Molly like to be around their human friends so are looking for a home where they will have company all the time, particularly at first. They both enjoy having a fuss made of them and although the canine companions are always happy to head out for a little adventure, Molly doesn’t like car travel at the moment but the team are sure she’ll become more confident once she is settled with her forever family.

Louise says:

"They will be a wonderful addition to a home. All they need is a calm family with owners on hand to give them lots of love.

"Sometimes older dogs spend more time with us than younger dogs but there are so many advantages to having an older dog. They often need less exercise but are as much fun, they’re used to living in a home and their personality is already shaped so new owners can really understand and appreciate the dog that they are welcoming into their family."

Budley and Molly are currently enjoying their home comforts with a Dogs trust volunteer foster carer. If you think they are your ideal four-legged friends, please call 01952 983807.

Our rehoming centres are not open for public browsing but you can still make an appointment to adopt or bring a dog to us. We’ve set up new processes which include social distancing measures to help keep staff and our visitors safe.

Dogs Trust estimates that up to 40,000 more dogs could be at risk of abandonment in the fallout of the coronavirus crisis. If you would like to help change the course of events and help us continue to be there for more dogs and their owners when they need us, please give what you can by visiting www.dogstrust.org.uk/changethetale