The Food of Love - Volunteer makes special treats for rescue dog looking for love this Valentine's Day

A volunteer at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury is making a three-legged rescue dog who is on a special diet his very own heart-shaped foodie treats for Valentine’s Day, to show him how much she adores him.

Volunteer Moira Wallace fell in love with Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, Casper, when he arrived at the rehoming centre in May last year. On finding out he was on a special diet because of allergies, she decided to make mealtimes more interesting by making his special food into baked treats. Now, she’s gone one step further by crafting heart-shaped treats for the playful eleven-year-old for him to enjoy as we head towards the most romantic day of the year. 

Moira says: 

“He seems to love the texture of the treats and with him being on a restricted diet, it’s just a way of making his food a bit more interesting. I’d do anything for him! I love everything about him. He is a very happy and cheeky boy and when he looks at you with those gorgeous eyes, he is just irresistible.” 

Casper’s allergies cause his skin to be easily irritated, but now he is on a special diet he is happier than ever. He enjoys heading out on a walk but also as he’s an Older Age Pooch (OAP) he loves a long afternoon nap. He is looking for a calm adult-only home with owners who will give him time to settle in and he would love a secure garden to relax in as he is a sun-seeker. 

Moira says: 

“I come to the centre once a week to walk the dogs, clean kennels and do whatever is needed, but whatever I do, I always make time for Casper. When I am baking the treats at home for him, I am always hoping that although I can’t wait to see him, the phone will ring and I‘ll be told that someone has fallen in love with him and wants to give him his forever home.

“Until that happens, along with the staff, I’ll do everything I can to make sure he is as happy as possible.”

If you think you could be Casper’s dream come true, please call Dogs Trust Shrewsbury on 01952 983807.