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Ex-stray still looking for love after seven year search

Stevie the Greyhound is still looking for a forever family, seven years after being found wandering the streets as a puppy.

Despite the best efforts of our rehoming team at our centre in Shrewsbury, stunning Stevie will mark his seventh year in kennels on the 4th April, much to the astonishment of the team.

Louise Campbell, Manager at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, says:

"Stevie is a gorgeous, giddy boy, and when he arrived at just a few months old, we would never have imagined that we would still be searching for his ideal home all these years later.

"In the time we have had the pleasure of looking after him we have found forever homes for 97 Greyhounds, but sadly not for him. We are really hoping that that is the year he finds his special someone."

Having notched up more than 2,550 days in kennels, the team make sure Stevie has as much fun as possible, taking him for off-site walks and even sleepovers with the team who say he is the perfect house guest. He loves to play, particularly with squeaky toys, enjoys a game of fetch and likes to learn new things. He has a few party tricks, his most recent being to touch a paper plate with his nose or paw in return for a tasty treat.

Stevie was diagnosed with exercise induced collapse not long after he arrived at the rehoming centre, which means we are very careful with the amount and type of exercise he does. However, just like many Greyhounds, he is more than happy to spend much of the day snoozing on a comfy bed.

Louise says:

"It is one of the myths about Greyhounds that they need lots of exercise, but most don't and Stevie is no different - a couple of nice walks and sometimes a short run and he's a happy boy. He is a pleasure to head out on an adventure with as he walks beautifully on the lead and loves meeting other dogs. Between walks he is more than happy to do some fun training and impress us with his latest trick, and then relax and watch the world go by."

Stevie is looking for a home without any other pets and no children so he can lap up all the love on offer when he finally finds his ideal home.

Louise adds:

"We will continue to love and look after him until the day comes when he heads off to his forever home. When the time comes to finally say goodbye it will be a fond but very tearful farewell. Dogs Trust Shrewsbury won't be long before he finally captures someone's heart."

Could Stevie be the one for you?