Elderly blind dog and his devoted canine companion need new home

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury is searching for a home for two elderly dogs who have lived together all their lives and are totally devoted to each other.

Eleven-year-old Labrador Cross Ozzy is blind and so can always be found alongside his faithful four-legged friend Snowey, also eleven. Despite Ozzy’s lack of sight and the fact that they are both Older Age Pooches, the team at the rehoming centre say they are both full of fun and would be a wonderful addition to a family. 

Louise Campbell, Manager at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, says: 

“They are absolutely adorable, a real pair of sweethearts. They came to us because their owners were moving house and they couldn’t go with them. 

“Sometimes older dogs don’t settle in quickly, but despite Ozzy being blind these two did. Ozzy certainly doesn’t let his lack of sight hold him back and they are definitely ready to find a new family.” 

Snowey, who is a West Highland Terrier Cross, loves chasing a ball and Ozzy’s favourite pastime is playing with squeaky toys. They both love a day trip out in the car, are happy to meet up with doggie pals when they are out and about, are both really affectionate and both love a cuddle. 

Louise says: 

“They are both really happy, confident dogs and we have all fallen for them! They are very special. They are enjoying their home comforts whilst they are with us as they are living in our Oakfield Oldies retirement home, but we want them to find a home of their own as soon as possible. 

“They are incredibly friendly and love to meet new people so we know that as soon as the right family comes along, they will prove irresistible. We really hope that it won’t be long before they find a family as devoted to them as they are to each other.” 

Ozzy and Snowey can live with children aged ten and over but can’t share their new home with feline friends. 

To find out more about Ozzy and Snowey visit Dogs Trust Shrewsbury or give them a call on 01952 983807.