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UPDATE: Our rehoming centres are closed until further notice, however we are now able to rehome a small number of our amazing dogs. Each dog’s profile will let you know if they are looking for a new home. For the time-being, we are unable to register your interest for dogs who are not yet available for rehoming.

Meet Dogs Trust Shrewsbury's Greyhounds and Lurchers this weekend

Thomas and Bob the Greyounds with two Dogs Trust Shrewsbury volunteers

Our gorgeous greyhounds and lovely lurchers are ready to zoom onto a sofa in their forever homes.

To help these wonderful dogs find their forever homes, we are holding a special awareness event at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury this weekend.

If you chose to welcome a greyhound or lurcher (or long dog, or tall skinny dog, as they are often referred to), into your home you’ll be rewarded with a kind, gentle giant who is surprising lazy and prefers your sofa over a run around in the great outdoors. They often need very little exercise and certainly don’t make good running companions as many people think they do. A secure garden with a high fence is preferable, this means that your new family member can have a quick “zoomie” around the garden before he or she retires back to the sofa for the next 23 hours, possibly rising again for some food! That being said, one of our staff members regularly undertakes long hikes in the hills with her ex-racing greyhound and whippet. Some of our dogs, like Beau, are full of beans and need an active home, so they are not all sofa surfers.

These dogs make amazing family pets and are nearly always up for a cuddle or rub behind the ears , a move that often sends them into a blissful trance. They are prone to “leaning” into people and anyone who has ever had a greyhound or lurcher in their lives will know the signature move called the “greyhound, or lurcher, lean” that lets you know they want some gentle fuss. 

Many of our greyhounds are ex-racers (like Thomas and Bob photographed here) who are retired and looking for loving homes with a big soft bed now that their working days are over. But we also have greyhounds that have never been near a racetrack and have only ever been family pets. So it doesn’t always mean that a greyhound or lurcher can’t live with a small dog or a cat - some can and some can’t, we just don’t know for sure unless we have their previous history given to us by a former owner. So if you’re adopting an ex-racer it’s best to err on the side of caution until you really get to know your dog well. Take care when out with your new dog around small dogs and other animals that they may want to chase.  Most ex-races are muzzle trained and will happily don their muzzle as part of their walking routine. 

If you give a home to an ex-racer please be patient, often they have never seen a house before and find it all a little overwhelming. Dogs like Usher will need some gentle encouragement to help them to settle in and find some confidence, but he’ll soon get the hang of basics such as housetraining and the staircase and you won’t recognise the frightened dog he once was.

Hopefully we can help to bust some common myths surrounding these graceful, loving dogs and find homes for many more of them once people realise that they are actually 40mph couch potatoes with a gentle soul. 

Want to find out more?

Pop along to our awareness weekend at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury on 18th and 19th May between 12 noon and 2pm for some free refreshments and a chance to meet all of our gorgeous greyhounds and lovely lurchers and prepare to fall in love.