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In the spotlight at Shrewsbury - Zia!

Sweet Jack Russel Terrier Zia is looking for a retirement home


Are you looking for a companion who will keep you company and offer you unconditional love?

Zia is a very sweet older lady who came to Dogs Trust Shrewsbury after her owner sadly passed away. Now she is hoping to find a retirement home where she can spend her twilight years in comfort.

Zia is blind so has her paws crossed for a quiet home with patient owners and a quiet environment with no loud noises or sudden surprises so she can relax.

Despite being an Older Age Pooch (15-years-old) she's an independent little lady but she still likes a fuss and affection. She asks for very little in life and is a low maintenance lady who gets on well with people and her canine companions and would potentially be able to share her home with another calm, elderly, small dog.

Although Zia is blind she can navigate around really well with a little help and she really enjoys a potter around the garden followed by the rest of the day spent snoozing on a comfy bed. Zia just wants to be given a chance to show how incredible a blind dog can be and what normal lives they can lead. She looks forward to putting her paws up in her new home and is hoping that her special someone visits Dogs Trust Shrewsbury very soon.

If you are interested in Zia, get in touch with Dogs Trust Shrewsbury on 01952 770225.