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In the spotlight at Shresbury - Sawyer!

Stunning Sawyer the Lurcher is looking for his Special Someone

Sawyer the Lurcher

If you love a Lurcher then Sawyer may be just the dog for you.

He’s a stunning 4-year-old boy who is looking for a calm, quiet, adult-only home where he will be the only pet so he can lap up all the love and attention. He would be ideal for someone who has experienced owning a dog before and who will not place too many expectations on him right away and allow him the time and space to settle in a new environment in his own time.

He will benefit from some positive reinforcement training and gentle handling in his new home to build his confidence and form a strong and trusting bond with his new family and the training team at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury will be on hand to help out by getting you started and offering a lifetime of on-going support if you need it. Because Sawyer can be anxious around new people, any potential adopters would need to visit him at the centre a few times to begin to build a bond with him so he knows having new people in his life is a great thing to have.

Contrary to popular myth, Greyhounds and Lurchers do not need a huge garden and lots of exercise. All they ask for is a couple of short runs or walks each day, a comfy bed or sofa and lots and lots of love. Sawyer is no exception to this rule and once he has a soft duvet to lie on and a few of his favourite toys to keep him entertained, he will make a happy, loving and loyal companion.

Find out more about Sawyer on his profile or visit the Shrewsbury Rehoming Centre.