Jackson the Husky

In the Spotlight at Shrewsbury - Jackson!

Jackson is an incredibly handsome and fun-loving 2-year-old male Siberian Husky/ Alaskan Malamute cross who is looking for an adult-only home with owners who have experience of northern breeds along with their needs and cheeky personality traits.

He’s a big, strong dog with an independent nature, which is typical of his breed, so he is hoping to find a home with someone who can easily walk him a couple of times a day. Once he has built a bond with someone he’s an affectionate boy, who loves a fuss and a cuddle . He’s very clever and loves to play, he thrives on being busy, mentally and physically and has figured out how to open doors! Jackson loves to spend time outside so is looking for a home with a secure garden where he can spend the majority of his time as this is where he seems happiest.

He would like to be the only pet in the home but he is very friendly and enjoys socialising with other dogs when he is out and about. In fact he’d like his new family to continue with this important part of his training.

Since the start of Game of Thrones we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of wolf look-a-like dogs and sadly an increase in the number of those breeds being handed over. Our centre Manager, Louise Campbell, says “Owners, like Jackson’s, have done the right thing bringing them to us and we love looking after Jackson but of course what we really want is for him to find his forever home. They are beautiful, large, powerful dogs and they make loyal companions but as they were originally bred for more physical pass-times, such as pulling sledges in cold climates and hunting, they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation every day and not all owners are able to provide that.”

If you can offer Jackson the home he needs and deserves then please get in touch with the Shrewsbury Rehoming Centre on 01952 770225. It would be ideal if you lived close to the rehoming centre as he will require several visits from any potential adopters so that he can get to know them and form a trusting bond. Our Training and Behaviour team will be on hand to discuss his needs and provide ongoing support whenever necessary.