N.B, a terrier, celebrates his birthday

Cheeky terrier N.B. celebrates his 8th birthday and makes his wish for a forever home

N.B.’s birthday was made extra special as he enjoyed a delicious doggy-friendly cake baked for him by our resident star baker, Moira, who volunteers here every Tuesday. His Canine Carer, Sophie, made sure that he didn’t eat it all himself and shared it with his kennel friends.

N.B. deserves to find his forever home where he can celebrate all his future birthdays surrounded by the love of a new family. Not only is he a cheeky little chap with a fun personality but he’s super-smart too. In his previous home he won many awards for his agility and here at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury he’s been proving himself to be a fast learner and has mastered many commands and tricks, such as resting his head on a box in return for a tasty reward.

N.B’s many talents are all the more amazing because he’s totally deaf. He was born deaf and has learned a comprehensive set of hand signals which he follows. Deafness has not stopped this plucky little dog from enjoying life to the full and he is always happy to meet people with a non-stop wagging tail and a smiling face.

His favourite things are:

  • Playing with his toys, playtime is one of the highlights of his day and he loves having a good game of fetch with a tennis ball. 
  • Learning new things, he’ll do anything for a tasty treat in return.
  • Taking part in activities such as fly ball or agility.
  • N.B. is such a happy little dog and he will make a fantastic companion for someone active or looking to get into dog agility.  He would like to live in an adult-only home where he will receive no surprises, as he is deaf he can’t hear people approaching him and can be startled easily. He’d benefit from living with someone who has experience with rescue dogs and can read his subtle body language and he’d be happiest as the only pet in the home.

If you think you could be the one to make all of N.B.’s future birthdays extra special please contact Dogs Trust Shrewsbury for more information.