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Golden oldie finds happiness after 1,000 days at Dogs Trust

After more than 1,000 days being cared for by Dogs Trust, the team at Dogs Trust Salisbury have waved goodbye to golden oldie Cody the Crossbreed who has truly landed on his paws after being adopted into a loving retirement home by his owner. 

Pam Balchin who is in her early 70’s and from Salisbury originally saw the rehoming appeals for Cody over a year ago but was not in a position to adopt him at the time. But after seeing a fresh appeal for a home for his tenth birthday back in August, and following a change in her own circumstances, Pam was finally ready to adopt Cody. She made the 25-mile round trip from her home to the rehoming centre by bus five times to build a bond with the charming chap, even taking him home for a sleepover just to make doubly sure they were right for each other and he’d settle in a new home environment. 

During his time at the centre, staff fell in love with Cody’s endearing personality, and worked hard to make him feel at home. They discovered how clever he was and loved spending time with his favourite Carer Becs Marchant who taught him lots of tricks including lifting and holding his paw up, so he can have his nails checked, filed and trimmed, and she helped prepare him for the day he would eventually find his forever home. 

Dogs Trust Salisbury’s Rehoming Centre Manager Tery Laffin, said:

“Waving goodbye to Cody was a bittersweet day for everyone. He is so well-loved here so naturally we were sad to see him go. But knowing he has gone to a perfect home where he’ll be so happy make it all worthwhile for us. 

“We truly believe that a dog is for life and there really is an owner out there for every dog. We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect home for Cody and his new owner absolutely adores him, and he does her. Cody was known to take a while to build bonds with new people but after a number of visits from Pam and the hard work Becs put in with making him feel comfortable, it really was a match made in heaven and we couldn’t be happier.”

Pam added:

“It took around four weeks of visiting Cody before everybody felt he was ready to come home with me - but he was worth the wait! We were determined to make the relationship work and so put in lots of time and effort in order to build a strong and trusting bond with him. We’re going to be very happy and I can’t wait to give him a wonderful life.”

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