Do you have space in your heart for Bruce?

A rescue dog at Dogs Trust Salisbury is looking for love - and a new ‘woof’ over his head.   

Eleven-month-old Shar Pei, Bruce, is currently being cared for by volunteer foster carers. But the search is on to find him new doggie digs as soon as possible, as his fosterers aren’t able to care for him from July and he isn’t able to live in kennels.   

Bruce has a lifelong heart condition which means regular vet visits for check ups. His dedicated foster family, who he has lived with for six months, have worked wonders with helping him feel comfortable in the vets, and caring for him until the time comes for him to find his forever home.

Claire Rowe, Manager at Dogs Trust Salisbury, says:  

“Bruce’s foster carers adore him and he loves them too, but they can no longer care for him so we have amped up our search for Bruce’s forever family. When Bruce arrived with us, he found life quite overwhelming, so we placed him with loving foster carers who have done an incredible job in helping him with his anxieties, especially his fear around visiting the vet, which he needs to do on an ongoing basis. Through reward-based training, his foster carers are building up a positive association with the muzzle, so he can wear it safely at vet visits. 

“Bruce has a heart condition which potentially requires lifelong medication. So we’re really looking for adopters who will be comfortable with this and prepared to continue the training already put in place.  

“Bruce is really hoping he won’t have to wait long for his perfect family to come and meet him.”  

Bruce is looking for an adult-only home, ideally with Shar Pei experience, with no visiting children. He loves his daily walks, meeting other dogs and people but he will need to be the only dog in the home. As Bruce will need to stay on lead in public it is essential he has direct access to a secure garden where he can play off-lead to his heart’s content. 

Claire adds:  

“Bruce is a very bright lad and would benefit from continued training in his new home. He also loves to snuggle up and can be quite affectionate, so his new adopters should be happy to share their sofa with him!  

“Bruce really does deserve to be the star of his own home. He is a real lover of home life and loves watching the world go by from the comfort of a comfy sofa, he just needs to find the right family. We are really hoping that we can find Bruce his very own special someone so he can finally have his furry-tail ending.”   

If you think you could be Bruce’s ideal match, please go to to start the virtual adoption process.    

Dogs Trust Salisbury holds Information Days every Sunday. If you would like to take a tour of the centre, meet members of the team and see the dogs spending time with their canine carers, please go to to book a place.