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Long term dogs looking for long time love

Dogs Trust Salisbury is appealing to dog lovers this Valentine’s Day to help find homes for nine long term residents, who are hoping to find their special someone’- after spending more than 13 years in kennels collectively. 

Whilst most of the dogs the rehoming centre cares for each year find their forever homes quickly, others find themselves overlooked by visitors, often because they may have specific homing requirements or need a little more TLC than their kennel neighbours.

From bouncy Lurcher Edie to big loveable lad, Ty, the team are hoping that it won’t be too much longer before they all find their ideal homes. 

Claire Rowe, Manager at Dogs Trust Salisbury, said:

“We see dogs of all shapes, and sizes here at Dogs Trust Salisbury and whilst many of them fly out of the doors, others take a little while longer to find their perfect match. It goes without saying that puppies and cute, fluffy breeds will usually find a home quickly. Similarly a dog that is confident and approaches the front of his kennel wagging his tail when people walk past, will get rehomed far faster than a shy dog who needs a few meet and greets before making sure his new owners are the right fit.

“Our longer terms dogs are all very special to us and they all deserve great homes with families who will love them for who they are.”

The dogs looking for their very special someone this Valentine’s Day are:


Dukie is a charming six-year-old Crossbreed who likes to build a bond with his humans. He can be a little shy at first, but as long as you can take things at his pace, he soon comes around and you'll have a new best friend. Dukie is a clever lad who is always ready to learn something new, especially for a tasty treat or two. He could live with another dog, but needs an adult-only home. 


Five-year-old Lurcher Edie is bouncy and full of beans and has an infectious love of life. She enjoys getting outside for quiet walks, playing with her toys and snuggling up for a cuddle. She would need to be the only pet in the home, but can have calm walking buddies when out and about. She could live with children aged 14 and above and adopters would need to be prepared to visit her multiple times to build up trust with her before taking her home.


Four-year-old German Shepherd Thomas is a shy boy who enjoys the quieter side of life. He loves to play with his toys and likes nothing more than a good game of fetch with his favourite tennis ball. He is a charming chap who would need to be the only dog in an adult-only home and he is looking for calm, patient owners, who can commit to his ongoing training. Thomas is currently working with his trainers on a bespoke training programme so potential adopters should call ahead before coming to see him so the team can discuss his home requirements in more detail. 


Staffy-Lurcher cross Holmes is an active chap who enjoys life and sharing it with his human friends. He loves getting outside for interesting walks in quiet areas, almost as much as he enjoys playing with his favourite squeaky toys. Holmes would need to be the only dog in a quiet adult-only home, with calm and patient adopters who can visit him multiple times to get to know each other. 


Three-year-old Collie cross Jimmy is active and intelligent and loves playing outside, having a good sniff and exploring his surroundings. Jimmy loves the company of other dogs and relies on them for confidence so he needs to find a home where another dog can show him the ropes. He’ll need to live in a quiet, adult-only home. He is a sensitive boy with a big heart, who's looking for a home where he can relax, feel comfortable and play with his doggy friends. 


Four-year-old Crossbreed Kiko is a shy girl and is looking to be the only pet in an adult-only home. She loves quiet walks away from the hustle and bustle and thrives on learning new things in exchange for a tasty treat. Kiko likes to build a trusting bond and is looking for patient owners who can give her space and time to do this. She is looking for owners who can visit her multiple times to get to know one another. 


Sweet-natured Ned is a handsome five-year-old Greyhound who would like to be the only dog in an adult-only home. He is worried by unpredictable sounds and movement, so a home that doesn't have any visiting children would be required. He is shy around new people so would love it if his new family could visit him a number of times before taking him home. He’s working super hard with his trainers on a bespoke training programme, so anyone interested in adopting him should call the rehoming centre to discuss his requirements in more detail before making a visit. 

Toffee (pictured above)

Toffee is a very active and inquisitive five-year-old Crossbreed. He's an affectionate fella who enjoys the company of his humans and loves to engage with you, whether through play or some fuss and cuddles. He would need to be the only dog in an adult only home. He is looking for owners who can commit to his ongoing training and provide him with plenty of exercise and mental enrichment throughout the day. 


Ty is a big, loveable lad who is an active and intelligent five-year-old crossbreed. He needs owners who can provide him with plenty of exercise both physical and mental. Ty would need to be the only dog in an adult only home. He has a huge heart and is looking for owners who will continue with his training and can give him the dedicated time and attention he craves. If you would like to learn more about Ty, please call the rehoming centre before travelling down to see him. 

If you are looking to welcome a dog into your life, find out more about these and all the dogs at Dogs Trust Salisbury by calling 01980 880891.