Dogs Trust

Local ‘paw-cassos’ needed to transform puppy playground

Dogs Trust Salisbury is giving local artists the chance to transform their puppy playground.

The rehoming centre which is based in Newton Tony, is looking for local dog-loving artists or art enthusiasts to donate some of their time and expertise to decorate a sensory area for the puppies and young dogs in their care. The new designs will make the area more exciting and enriching for dogs and staff at Dogs Trust.

Claire Merrick, Puppy Rearer at Dogs Trust Salisbury, said:

“At present the area is used for puppies or young dogs to play and socialise in safely, whilst they are having time out of kennels. Whilst it serves a purpose, the area is not very inviting. There is so much more that could be done to really bring the area to life and make it an enjoyable learning space for puppies and young dogs whilst they are with us.

“We are looking for an individual or group of artists or art hobbyists to design a bright and colourful dog-themed mural for the back wall to revitalise the space. Once this is done, we will be adding lots of sensory items and activities to keep the dogs entertained whilst they are in there. These will include dog-safe plants to stimulate their noses, different textures such as sand and astroturf, and various interesting objects for them to interact with such as tunnels and paddling pools.

“All dogs, but especially puppies, explore the world around them with their senses, so anything we can do to stimulate their eyes, ears and noses in a positive way whilst they are with us will give them a varied and stimulating experience before they go to their new homes.”

If you are a local ‘paw-casso’ and would like to help, please contact Claire Merrick at Dogs Trust Salisbury by emailing [email protected] or call 01980 880891.