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Spreading the Word, Come Rain or Shine!

Being the sweet & friendly pooch that she is, Oona loves being out and about with me, helping me to spread the word about our work. We took a trip together down to Bournemouth recently to chat to the community about two free services that we offer…

Our Canine Care Card

If you’re worried about what might happen to your four-legged friend(s) after your lifetime, you need only register them with us and we will care for them until we can find a wonderful, loving home just like yours. Here at Dogs Trust, we never put a healthy dog down, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their future will be a happy one.

Talks & Tours

Are you looking for a new speaker for your group meetings? I can offer a presentation all about what we do for the homeless and abandoned dogs who find themselves in our care – Don’t worry, it’s full of tail wags and happy endings, and I’m really proud to show you how we care for our amazing residents. Oona loves to come along too, so if you think you have space for my little ex-Dogs Trust resident, that’d be lovely!

The areas I cover are: Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and part of Berkshire. I can also organise a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of our rehoming centre for individuals or groups, which gives you the chance to see a day in the life of what we do.

The weather in Bournemouth wasn’t very kind to us…typical British seaside in January though really! As she only weighs the same as a few bags of sugar, Oona decided the only place she wanted to be was zipped inside my coat. So that’s where she stayed and that was fine by me – anything to make my little lady happy!

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