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Community definitely matters

We were very lucky recently to have been visited by two lovely supporters: Chloe & Justin from Waitrose in Salisbury!

They dropped in to see us (and, of course, all our lovely dogs), and to donate the funds raised by their caring customers via their ‘Community Matters’ scheme.

Thanks to all our dog-loving locals, we are able to ensure our resident pooches are happy and healthy and experiencing the best time they can whilst we search for their special someone. We feel incredibly lucky here at the rehoming centre that so many kind people show their support for our work, and continue to help us to give hundreds of dogs each year their ‘yappily ever after’ (please forgive us, we do enjoy a pooch pun!).

Both Chloe and Justin enjoyed their ‘behind the scenes’ tour…so much so, we joked that it might be necessary to search them for dogs on their way out because they fell in love with so many of our beautiful residents!

We couldn’t do what we do without your support, so from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our doggies’ wagging tails…Thank you!