Stray saved by Dogs Trust Leeds staff after being found near entrance to their site ready to find forever home | Dogs Trust

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Stray saved by Dogs Trust Leeds staff after being found near entrance to their site ready to find forever home

Staff at Dogs Trust Leeds have rescued a stray dog after he was found near the entrance to their site on the busy A64.

Named Scooby by staff, the Lurcher, who is thought to be around two-years-old, was coaxed inside the rehoming centre by the team after being found hiding in the bushes near the entrance which fronts onto the busy York Road. 

Amanda Sands, Dogs Trust Leeds rehoming centre manager, says: 

“We don’t know if he was abandoned on site or had found his way here but he was at real risk of being knocked over. As everyone knows, it is such a busy road and he was just yards away from the traffic. It must have been terrifying for him. 

“Luckily one of our staff was walking a dog when she spotted him. He is a really friendly boy and she was able to alert the team and encourage him towards the centre and thankfully to safety.” 

The team named the lively Lurcher Scooby as despite his ordeal he is full of fun, loveable and very excitable – he particularly loves squeaky toys and chasing a ball. He isn’t microchipped and nobody has contacted the dog warden or the rehoming centre in search of him, so just days after being saved, he is ready to find a new loving home. 

Amanda says: 

“Scooby just seemed the perfect name for him. He is a bit silly and we are pretty certain he’ll be up for a lot of great adventures when he has found his new family as he’s a young, active boy. 

“Sadly Scooby isn’t the first stray or abandoned dog that we’ve found in similar circumstances. Thankfully, we are always here to help and we would encourage owners to get in touch with us rather than abandon their dog and potentially put them at risk. That way we can find out more about the dog’s history, exactly how old they are or what sort of socialisation and training they have had. That all helps us to find them the best home as quickly as possible.” 

Scooby would suit a home with an enclosed garden so he can play to his heart’s content and could live with teenage children as well as potentially another dog.

To find out more about Scooby and all the dogs still waiting for their special someone at Dogs Trust Leeds, please call them on 0300 303 0292.