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Change the tale for Bruce

Covid-19 meant Bruce's future was uncertain. Help dogs like Bruce, who need us now, next year and beyond

We’ve been here every day throughout the pandemic, caring for dogs in need who had nowhere to turn to. But our resources are stretched, and income has been significantly impacted. We need vital support from dog-lovers like you, to ensure our work doesn’t stop.

There are 1,200 dogs in our rehoming centres right now who need our help.

Many dogs and their owners have been affected by the crisis, and will struggle in the New Year. Already we’ve seen many dogs, like Bruce, whose owners could no longer afford their care, their circumstances were forced to change, or who may have even passed away from Covid-19. During such uncertain times, we’re doing everything we can to provide them with essential care and stability.

How we changed the tale for Bruce…

…At six months old, Bruce has only known life in a crisis. When his owners discovered he had a serious heart condition and needed life changing surgery they couldn’t afford, they made the incredibly difficult decision to hand him over to a rescue centre. But the financial strains caused by this terrible pandemic meant they also couldn’t fund his surgery.

Thankfully we were able to step in, and give Bruce a second chance. He spent a happy Christmas in our care, and we will be performing his operation in the New Year. We know his care will be expensive - the surgery alone will cost around £4-5000 - but once he’s recovered and in a loving forever home, we know it will have been worth every penny.

Please give a much-needed gift to help change the tale for dogs like Bruce now, next year and beyond

We must be here for…

The old…


This tiny Chihuahua is Polly Pocket. She was found as a stray last year, and clearly had trouble walking. Our vets found both her back legs had ‘bilateral luxating patellas’. She’s had her first surgery to correct one leg, and is recovering in a foster home until restrictions allow us to perform the second. Please give a gift to today to help vulnerable dogs like Polly Pocket, despite the new challenges we face in 2021.

The young...

Little Gizmo, a Lhasa Apso cross, was found during the pandemic with fur so matted you could barely see his eyes. We sedated him to ease any stress, and removed 200g of fur! It had clearly been a long time since he’d been cared for. Thankfully we were able change the tale for Gizmo – help abandoned dogs like him in the New Year.

The lonely...

River, a stray who arrived just before Christmas, was so scared and anxious he barely left his crate for the first few weeks. But our training and behaviour advisors persevered, and with gentle care and encouragement River is growing in confidence. We’ll continue helping him into the New Year, and show him the world isn’t such a scary place. Please help more lonely strays like him.


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