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Please help show
dogs like Coco
they're for life,
not just for


Every year, we hope that our famous slogan - a dog is for life, not just for Christmas ® - will be heard and practised by everyone.

Yet, still around a thousand unwanted puppies will come into our care after Christmas.

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Many dogs are left filled with confusion and fear at this time of year.

Sadly, people who buy puppies as gifts, often on a whim, sometimes don't realise the amount of time and attention they need.

At just nine weeks old, Coco was given to a child as a surprise gift. But the family hadn't asked for or wanted a puppy, and they knew it was a huge responsibility. They couldn't give Coco the care she needed. So, straight after Christmas, they did the right thing for their new puppy and contacted Dogs Trust.

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Our vets and Canine Carers gave Coco all the puppy essentials she needed...

like vaccinations and flea and worming treatment to be healthy. And our dedicated Canine Carers worked hard, teaching her everything she needed to grow into a happy adult from toilet training to having confidence and good doggy manners.

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We turned Coco's Christmas crisis around, but right now, around a thousand more dogs are finding that they're unwanted and only for Christmas.

Please will you help us care for them and show them they they're forever?

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