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for an old
dog like me?


Everyone was busy. They all had somewhere to go, and friends who cared about them. I was tied to a post and left all alone.

Dasher was abandoned at what is supposed to be the most loving time of year. He was trapped, exposed to the biting cold, and unable to fend for himself.

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I didn't know what I'd done wrong, or where my friends had gone. I'd almost given up hope when I heard a friendly voice.

No-one knows why, or how long Dasher been left on his own to fight the elements. When he was found, he was underweight, losing his fur, and his head was alarmingly misshapen. It was heart-breaking to see an elderly dog in such a state.


I had been so lost and confused, but these humans made me feel safe.

Dasher was rushed to our nearest rehoming centre, where our vets gave him urgent medical care to treat his ailments. They also diagnosed him with Cushing's disease, which helped to explain the muscle wastage on his head and body.


I feel so lucky, now I have a warm bed and cuddles whenever I need them.

After we gave Dasher the right medication, lots of nutritious meals to build up his strength, and a cosy jumper to keep him warm while his fur grew back, his loving and cheeky personality began to shine.


We knew Dasher still had so much love to give, and deserved to spend his twilight years feeling safe, secure and happy.

He was one of the lucky ones. Dogs Trust will take in hundreds of elderly dogs over the winter months.


Please help us be there for every single one of these oldies like Dasher.

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