Help make Bramble's wish come true | Dogs Trust

Bramble was abandoned at this special time of year...

On Christmas week, 10-year-old Beagle cross, Bramble, was found wandering the streets in a terrible condition.

...and the urgency of her condition became clear.

Bramble was very skinny except for her big belly. She was heavily pregnant and all but one of her puppies had died

But after all she had suffered, her wish came true...

It was a race against the clock to save Bramble and her unborn puppy. Thanks to the amazing efforts of our vet team and dedicated canine carers, Bramble was able to safely welcome her puppy Holly into the world on Christmas eve.

...and it was all thanks to support from people like you.

Dogs Trust will care for at least 1,300 dogs like Bramble and Holly who will need us this Christmas.

Please help us be there for every single one of them.

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