Dogs Trust

Thank you so much for helping dogs like Willow who have loved and lost in this pandemic

As we all know, the crisis this year has had a huge impact on all of us as humans, on our economy and our health. But it’s easy to forget all the nation’s dogs who have been affected by it too. Willow’s life was turned completely upside down when both of his owner’s were diagnosed with Covid. Sadly he lost one, and the other was too poorly to care for him anymore.

The first few days were very hard for Willow. He’d never been apart from his owners, so he was understandably confused and upset. We couldn’t explain to him what was happening - but we did everything in our power to build his trust in us and show him everything would be OK.

As well as providing him with all the essentials a dog needs, with the right support and encouragement he began to settle in and we could find him a new family. But Willow is just one dog we have helped this year who have been affected by the pandemic, we know there will be many more.

Thank you so much for giving a gift today, so we can make sure make sure more dogs like Willow who have also loved and lost this year don’t feel alone this winter.


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