All Tia wanted was
for someone to
finally notice her

Some dogs don’t stay with us long because there’s something about their looks that helps them to stand out over other dogs.

Whether they’re floppy, fluffy, spotty, scruffy or even slobbery enough, it’s easier to find homes for dogs whose qualities are clearly visible. On average, our four-legged friends only stay with us for 41 days before finding their special someone.

But for those who fall somewhere in the middle like Tia, the wait can go on for months, or even years.

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There are currently 75 dogs in our care that have been with us for 2 years or longer, just like Tia.

When Tia was with Dogs Trust as a puppy, she stood out because she was so tiny and cute. But after 7 happy years in a home, her beloved owner passed away suddenly, and she’s back in our care as an adult. Sadly, this time round she’s been overlooked for more than 2 years.

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We've tried everything to get our sweet girl noticed.

We make sure she feels special every day, just like we do for every dog. But nothing beats being in a home.

Through no fault of her own, her lack of distinguishing features – when compared to other dogs – means Tia needs our love for longer, as she waits for someone to notice her.

We never put down a healthy dog, so dogs like Tia will be safe in our care for as long as they need us. But overlooked dogs rely on kind supporters like you.

Will you give a gift today to keep overlooked dogs warm, safe and happy as they wait for days, months and even years?

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Watch Tia's story

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A gift today could help us care for these dogs and show them they are special, until they finally get noticed.

Please help us show overlooked dogs like Tia that they’re just as lovable by making a gift today.

£5 buys tasty treats for an overlooked dog, making them feel rewarded and special when bonding with their carer.

£10 pays towards a dog coat with eye-catching messaging which lets passers-by know they are looking for a home when on walkies.

£15 pays towards cosy bedding which makes a kennel feel more homely during a dog’s wait for their forever home.


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