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One box.
Six abandoned puppies.
Sweltering 30°C  heat.

In all extreme weathers,
will you help keep dogs
like Poppet safe?

Six-week-old Poppet and her five siblings were abandoned on one of the hottest days of the year.

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Dumped in a stuffy cardboard box

With no water, and without their mum to look after them, they were in real danger. Just 20 minutes in that heat could have been fatal.

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Luckily a passer-by spotted the pups and brought them to Dogs Trust.

They were worryingly underweight, and their delicate skin had become infected. We gave each of them a course of antibiotics and refreshing medicated baths. It was heart-breaking to see them in such a poorly state. But they weren't the only dogs in danger.

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This Summer was the joint hottest on record,

Which posed a real threat for the thousands of dogs in our care. To ensure they remained safe and happy we fitted our centres with temporary emergency shelters in our outdoor play areas to provide our dogs with vital shade while they exercise. We walked our dogs at cooler times of day to protect their paws from burning on the hot ground.

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We provided paddling pools, tasty frozen dog food treats and puzzle toys to help keep them cool and entertained.

We never know when the next extreme weather emergency might hit. It's vital we can be ready to give every dog like Poppet the right treatment and one-to-one care they need at a moment's notice.

Will you help keep dogs like Poppet and her siblings safe and healthy, whatever the weather?

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