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Lola was in a
dark place when
she was smuggled
into the country.


Wedged behind a secret panel, Lola was in complete darkness...

Transported in a van across Europe for around 30 hours in sweltering temperatures reaching 40oC, Lola was being smuggled into Britain. Wedged behind a secret panel to hide her from view, Lola was in complete darkness. She had little food or water and no toilet breaks.

Worse still, Lola was in the final stages of pregnancy - an illegal time to transport any dog. Lola's smuggler cared more about the money they'd make selling her desirable puppies than they did about poor Lola. Sadly, her story is all too common

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With your help even the worst journey can lead somewhere brighter.

Thankfully Lola was discovered by authorities who seized her at the British border. She was in a terrible condition - weak and shaking with fear. That's when Dogs Trust stepped in.

To address the problem of illegally imported dogs, we've started a lifesaving scheme to rescue dogs from our borders and care for them until we find them new homes.

We have already helped nearly 1,000 dogs like Lola through this scheme and it's our mission to make sure more of these harrowing journeys end with love, kindness and care.

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Lola needed our medicine, patience and care...

The worst part of Lola's journey was over, but it was a long road to recovery. Her skin was scarred and sore, and her fur was patchy. She was also suffering from a painful hip problem and a serious bacterial infection in her tummy. Our vets also suspected the two-year-old had already had a litter of puppies previously - she'd been through a lot in her short life.

Like all dogs rescued from the clutches of cruel traders, Lola needed our medicine, patience and care - and that's before her puppies were born. Lola's labour began within days of her arrival and with help from our emergency vets, she gave birth to four beautiful puppies. But heartbreakingly, after everything she'd been through, two of them were stillborn.

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Thanks to people like you...

We could make sure Lola's two surviving pups, Susan and Gus, stayed by her side until they were old enough for us to find them loving homes.

Once we'd made sure Lola was feeling better, we began showing her what life could be like as a "normal" dog. So she would be ready for a new home, with humans that love her, just like every dog deserves.

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